Matthew R. Johnson Industries is now Johnson Industries. We specialize in informational and financial consulting. Operating within the Midwest, prior to 1987 the company was known as American Industries. In March 1987, Matthew R Johnson was hired on as CEO and the name was changed to Matthew R Johnson Industries. Matthew Johnson remained CEO until December 1997, when his contract expired. After that Matthew R Johnson Industries was split into the two former companies of American Industries and Matthew R Johnson Industries.

While American Industries remained in control of the stockholders, Johnson Industries went into the private sector. In October 2008, it was announced that Matthew Johnson and American Industries once again were merging into one company again. Thus Johnson Industries has been formed. Matthew Johnson has once again been reinstated as acting CEO.

It is true that the sector itself is facing tough times. The financial markets are facing troubles on many fronts. That means that Johnson Industries, now more than ever is proving itself to be a valuable resource in today's economy. The financial sector has faced many different challenges, and this is nothing more than one more. By following our guidance, together we can make it through these tough times. As always there are highs and lows in the economy and rash decisions are not the solutions. Working with you, Johnson Industries works to provide the best solutions for your individual situations.

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